Obtuse + Divine

by Machli

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Karl Grundmann
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Karl Grundmann Ethereous voice in a sea of sound. This fish doesn't swim, it floats. in an ocean of acoustic raindrops. the electronic blends in so seamlessly with the instrumental sound. helps me daydream and drift off the shore. it's a hybrid between a deep sea creature and a flying fish it seems. Favorite track: Lavender Marriage.
Bungalow Bill
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Bungalow Bill Watched you guys at the gig in goobes and was hooked on. love the playful melodies! can't stop listening... Sooper!! Favorite track: Hexagon.
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released March 15, 2015




Machli Bengaluru, India

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Track Name: Lavender Marriage
you are my firework
you are my colour
you are salt in sea water
you are my favourite sweater
you are the first drag of my last cigarette
you make the beats go faster
you are the only one I’m after
you are the only one
lucky me
anyone can see

submerging begins now
submerging begins
down I go
Track Name: आदि मानव
the hunter looks at the sun
hangs her clothes out to dry
in her brother’s breath

joyous rain bearing he drops down
lying in the grass that’s grown
hammer hits the nail
she trips over
the scarlet anxious moon

something begins to stir
boundaries begin to blur
Track Name: Hi-Res
give me enough
second chances
and I’ll thrive
count them off on my fingers five
I’ll stay close even as I’m far
I’ll stay sober even when I’m high

I’ll be the first man on the moon
I’ll fuck you up and dress your wounds
I’ll get up and brush my teeth on time
I’ll get a car and learn to drive
I’ll surprise you with my math
No more fiction only fact

I’ll be obtuse and divine
I’ll take it all as a sign
I’ll be obtuse and divine
I’ll stop lying to get by
Track Name: Hexagon
these are blessed days
and blessed nights
there’s no wrong here
only the mighty right
hail the guardians of culture
the vultures say
and the promise of industry
keeps the ghosts away

old trick
older than the sea
though they claim its cutting edge technology
but a blind man doesn’t need the sunrise to see
he doesn’t need the sun
though we think it’s lost in the din
the garbage man he can smell our sin
as he cleans it out every morning
with middle class realisations
and though we think it’s lost in the din
the garbage man he can smell our sin
all around him
they surround him
like mountains
Track Name: Laze
we sleep with the stars
we rise with the sun in our hearts
we’ll learn to speak soon
we’ve learnt to run pretty far

we sleep with the stars

I’d rather be a whisper
sautéed and sizzling
off her tongue
than a deep fried
cream-filled scream